Ian Smith 12th January 2018

Knee pain had stopped me doing any running or jogging which was gradually getting worse. I had the good sense to visit Caledonian Physiotherapy not long after the issue started and saw Rachael High. Rachael quickly identified what was causing the issue and through a combination of exercises and stretching and some targeted massage, got it under control very quickly.

Within a short space of time the pain had reduced significantly. It wasn’t too much longer before I started jogging again for short periods which quickly allowed me to get back to my normal time/distance.

Rachael also suggested I also consult a local Sports Podiatrist to identify if there were also bio-mechanical factors. I was unsure if this would be beneficial but I took the advice. I was so glad I did. Some additional advice and technique tips he gave me further helped the recovery and will hopefully reduce a recurrence.

I have been so impressed by Rachael. She explained what was going on, what the treatment was and why the exercises and stretching she gave me would help. I also really liked getting printed out diagrams with notes on how to do the exercises properly.

Many thanks Rachael. I am so glad I came to see about the issue early rather than “limp along” until it became chronic!

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