Neurological Physiotherapy


Far more than just physiotherapy

We know how difficult it is for patients and their close family to deal with these life-changing situations.

We also know than once discharged from hospital or once the diagnosis made, it can be difficult to get the right physiotherapy support.

This is why we are here and we are happy to help.

Clear and personalised goals

We offer neurological physiotherapy for a wide range of patients and for both children and adults.

We understand that treatment expectations and goals are very different from one patient to another.

Our physiotherapists will work alongside the patients, their families and the other members of the multidisciplinary team to offer a personal and individual treatment.

Realistic, achievable and clear goals will be set within the first few sessions and will follow these four simple principles

  1. Enhancing skill development
  2. Improving function
  3. Increasing participation in everyday activities
  4. Preventing or delaying onset of complications

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