Sports Injury

Find the cause

Sport injuries can be acute, chronic or on-going.  You can sometimes play on in spite of it but very often have to stop because of it.  The key here is to find the cause of the problem and fix it, but the cause may be not as obvious as it first appears to be.

Let us explain, injuries can have various possible causes. A calf tear can be caused, for example, by a calf weakness, a problem of stability in your ankle or a lack of range-of-movement in your knee caused by a previous injury.  You need to get the right diagnosis to get the right treatment.

Get back to full fitness…

We will always try to allow to continue your sport whilst treatment is on-going. We will only advise you to stop where there is no other alternative.  We will always try to get you back to training as soon as possible.

We strongly encourage cross-training to help keep your level of fitness up and will advise you on what to do.

Whatever the type of injury, from a calf tear to the complex knee post-op rehabilitation, your programme will be tailored to what we feel you can do and what is safe for you.  Load increase and progress will be monitored closely and always adapted to you.

…and stay there

We aim to bring you back to full fitness and will give you advice to avoid recurrence.

We are not personal trainers but we can refer you to a suitable personal trainer when we feel you are fit to do so, or alternatively we can work with your personal trainer.

Our physiotherapists have good experience in Sports both on and off the field.

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