Ewen and physiotherapy for his Cerebral Palsy

I am 53 years old and I have cerebral palsy so I can’t do lots of things like walking and talking clearly so that everybody can understand me right away – but on the plus side, many good things have always come my way.

Although we lived in California when I was growing up, for two weeks every summer, I came to see Mrs Bobath, a very famous physio therapist  in London and I continued to seeing her annually  until I was a teenager. At home my parents tried to follow through on what we learnt from her.

I am always very dependent on having physio therapy for I am often very  tense, find it difficult to move freely and have to sit in my wheelchair most of each day. I feel much better and am more relaxed after my physio sessions. Unfortunately, in recent years there have been long spells when I haven’t had any physio therapy and my mum is getting too old to help me as much as she used to do. Now, thanks to Caledonian Physical Therapy Services, I am having therapy on a regular  basis every week.  Benjy and Stephanie both work me very hard but I enjoy my times with them.

My mother adds:

Surely mistakenly, NHS gives up funding physio therapy for people who are disabled with cerebral palsy once they reach the age of eighteen. This disregards the widely recognised fact that without receiving life-long  therapy the physical condition of people with cerebral palsy deteriorates rapidly. For our son, therapy is crucially important and so it is really valuable and appreciated by our family  that Caledonian Physical Therapy Services is offering and sustasining this essential health opportunity on a regular basis.

Since 2013 our son has had physio-therapy sessions each week with Benjy and with Stephanie. Their skill, patience, caring and kindness are all playing an important role in helping Ewen maintain at least some of his daily-living skills. Our family congratulates – and is deeply grateful – to Caledonian Physio Therapy Services for providing their specialised skills and expertise to disabled people.

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