Testimonial November 2020

I greatly appreciate what the Caledonian Practice has done for me over these past few years, especially since the Covid has been on the go…

I started out needing help with my ankle, which I broke badly. After about a year the ankle was causing me pain. Rather than wait for an NHS appointment, I went to Caledonian Practice who quickly got me fitted in. With Cara’s help by writing to my GP, I was referred for an x-ray which the hospital couldn’t give me because I hadn’t been referred by an orthopaedic person. None the less, something must have shown up in the x-ray that was taken because I was sent to an orthopaedic consultant and the ankle was re-operated on. With the consultant’s blessing I returned to Cara for post-op therapy. That was successful.

Early on in lockdown I suffered pain in my left hip and once again Cara looked after me. Again thanks to her I was asked to contact my GP for a steroid injection due to bursitis. The GP was very impressed with the letter he received about my condition and agreed that I would need much physio to improve things.

Apart from the tremendous help they have given me, they have never exploited my position financially which the private sector is so often criticised for, but that particular ill can never be levelled at Caledonian Practice. I have recommended this practice to others who have been needing help which they have got too.

Many thanks for such a good service.


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