Video Consultations

The practice continues to offer Virtual Consultations to new and existing patients. We thought it would be good to explain what is involved in a Virtual Consultation and how to go about making an appointment for those not used to this form of consultation

What is a Virtual Consultation?

A Virtual Consultation can take many forms including telephone call or email but what is most useful is when we can use technology to provide interactive video, this can be done on Virtual Platforms such as SKYPE, ZOOM, Facetime or Whatsapp. These allow the physiotherapist to have a conversation and carry out a detailed observational functional assessment in real time. Despite not being able to assess you face to face, the skilled and experienced physiotherapist can perform an assessment, in which asking key questions and their observations are vital in formulating a possible diagnosis. This will allow the physiotherapist to advise you virtually on the management they are suggesting based on your goals and needs.

How do you go about making an appointment?

First either ring the practice on 01738 580066 or email the practice on enquires@caledonianphysiotherapyservices.comto let us know what the problem is and how we can help you.

We will ask you if you wish to have a Virtual Consultation and if so what platform you wish to use, your contact address for the platform and the times you are available. We will also ask you for data protection purposes what your full address is and your date of birth. We will ask you to email this information to us to indicate your consent.

Ideally, you should choose a virtual platform, which is familiar to you and that you are confident that the device you are using is secure.

We will send out a copy of our Data Privacy Policy by either email or post and we would ask you to read, sign and return it us either by post or electronically to indicate that you are happy for us to look after the data you provide us.

We will set up an appointment for you on your chosen platform at the time you have agreed upon. It is useful to have the phone close to you so that if there are issues getting connected the physiotherapist can phone you to help you.

The Virtual Consultation- so what is the format?

At the appointment, the physiotherapist will introduce themselves and ask to check your name, address and date of birth to ensure that you are the correct recipient of the consultation. The physiotherapist will tell you that the consultation will not be recorded (some insurance companies have requested this as to check the quality of the Virtual Consultation).The physiotherapist will ensure they are talking to you from a secure location and would advise you to do the same. Having some peace and quiet at home or work helps, so that you can focus on what is being asked of you.

From a practical point of view, using a phone, IPad or lap top to film yourself can have its limitations especially if the physiotherapist asks you to perform exercise or to get down on the floor, so a camera person is often highly useful if available.

The physiotherapist will carry out a detailed subjective assessment asking key questions to guide the assessment and find out what your goals and expectations of physiotherapy are.

The physiotherapist will ask you to perform a series of movements in different positions and postures to look at movement and function. They will pay attention to your pain and difficulties and not put you in positions which would be harmful for you. The physiotherapist will not ask you to undress but wearing loose fitting garments so that you feel comfortable to move would be useful.

The physiotherapist will discuss with you the possible diagnosis for the problem you are having and what the management will likely to be. They will give you advice on things you can do to help yourself.

The physiotherapist may need to write to your GP or other medical personnel, they will tell you why and ask you permission to do this. In certain cases physiotherapy may not be appropriate for the issues you are having and the physiotherapist will explain why, in some case urgent onward referral is needed.

The physiotherapist may email or post you an exercise programme to carry out and may post you out equipment to help with the prescribed programme.

At the end of the consultation, the physiotherapist may ask to arrange a follow up session and set a time for this to happen.

Who will carry out the Virtual Consultation?

The Virtual Consultation will be carried out by either of our physiotherapists working at the practice.

How long does the Virtual Consultation last?

The initial assessment is normally completed within 30 minutes but in complex cases, this can last longer especially with multiple issues. The physiotherapist may in complex cases ask you to prioritise the issue troubling you most.

The follow up session is normally completed within 30 minutes.

How much does the Virtual Consultation cost and how do I pay?

The cost of initial assessment is £44.

The cost of follow up consultations £39.
We do not make any charge for advice given by telephone or email.
Simple sundries such as Theraband will be posted out to you with no charge.

Often follow up consultations may be shorter than 30 minutes and as a rule we only charge when the cumulative time of follow up consultations reach 30 minutes.

An invoice for our services will be generated and sent to you by email or post and can be settled by either BACS, cheque, Debit/Credit Card over the phone by telephoning our Reception team on 01738 580066. Our payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice.


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