Physiotherapy for The Elderly

Age does matter

There is nothing much we can do about your age but we can help you with what it brings with it.

Arthritis, neurological problems, balance and falls problems, decreased mobility and fractures are all common problems occurring with age and often several problems are present at once. You therefore need people who are aware of this to help you.

Some of our physios are OTAGO trained and specialise in care of the elderly/neuro physiotherapy.

At your own pace (or maybe a little bit quicker…)

We understand that things tend to take a bit longer than they used to or that your confidence is not as good as what it was.

We will take all that in account when we treat you.

And when appropriate you will be be pushed a bit more if we feel that you could achieve more.

What we do

We offer treatment at the clinic.

When required, we will work closely with the family and the medical team to understand the patient’s needs, provide the best treatment approach and establish relevant goals.

Depending on the need, we offer:

  • Gait re-education
  • Balance exercises
  • Transfer training including floor work
  • Bed mobility activities
  • Individualised exercise programmes to include strengthening, mobilising, balance, functional and endurance activities
  • Post-operation and neurological rehabilitation

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