Nick has been busy recently in his role as a consulting ergonomist. Nick uses his skills and experience to help make the workplace and the work carried out there safer, healthier and more efficient.

His work in this field ranges from larger contracts with organisations such as AXAPPP Ergonomics in banks, offices, workshops, warehouses, laboratories and farms to individual contracts for workers working at home or in small business situations.


So what’s involved in the process, Nick receives referrals from clients where the employee is having issues with their work or workplace or a situation where an employee may be returning to work after illness, injury or disability and may need help to do this.


The first step is to carry out a detailed work based assessment of the work and workplace under the four following headings:-


  • The nature of the task involved
  • The individuals capacity to carry out the task
  • The loads that may be involved with the task
  • The environment that the task may be carried out in

Here, Nick’s scientific background and the observational skills of a physiotherapist come in useful to measure and quantify what is going on.


The second step is to take this information and analyse what the issues are and to consider any legislation which may apply to the situation.


The third step is to make suggestions/recommendations for changes to be made which will improve the situation. Sometimes the solutions are as simple as altering the height or position of a chair or more complex involving different equipment or systems of work.


Finally the fourth step is to re-evaluate the changes that have been made and check that improvements are safe and efficient.


If you require advice or assistance in any of these areas please contact Nick directly at


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