Rory Williamson 8th August 2018

I had been struggling with a back injury for the best part of a year, having no luck with any treatment I had received from other practices. It had really started to impact my training (powerlifting/strongman) and I could no longer do many exercises without a lot of pain. Nick quickly identified the issue as a herniated disc in my lower back and created a personalised plan for me to manage it. I felt the benefit after the first session. It only took 4 visits to Nick, over about 3 months, and I am now back to squatting and deadlifting again with no pain! My knee also started bothering me during this time, which seemed like a real spanner in the works, but he managed to clear that up too! Nick was very reassuring and friendly throughout the process. He even let me borrow a bit of equipment for a couple of weeks while doing some of the rehab work at home. I highly recommend Nick and Caledonian Physiotherapy Services.

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