Feel better

Massage has a lot of effects including reduction of pain, swelling, muscle tightness or headaches.

It can also help decrease anxiety and stress. Regular massage has been found to help depression.

But most importantly massage relaxes you and it feels good!

Get better

In a sport setting, massage will help you get ready for an event, recover from it or help you keep your body in good shape all year round.

There is a reason why professional cyclists (and most athletes nowadays) get massaged every day…

Many competitors come to see at least once a month as they realised that massage help them to stay on top of their pain and niggles.  Seeing a physiotherapist regularly for a massage can also help you to identify the structure that needs more stretching, foam rolling, etc.

A better “Me”

We are all massage trained but we do not limit ourselves to one specific massage technique.  We adapt our techniques to what you want and more importantly to what your body tells us you needs. We offer 30 minutes or one hour massages.

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